Celebrities Also Do Yoga

The practice of yoga is one of the most popular balanced methods of exercises currently, which provides flexibility, strength, physical conditioning, tranquility,

The practice of yoga is one of the most popular balanced methods of exercises currently, which provides flexibility, strength, physical conditioning, tranquility, confidence and silence in the body and emotional state. It has been proven that yoga stimulates the consciousness of people by developing positive habits especially in athletes, actors, singers, businessmen, dancers who are subjected to high levels of stress on a daily basis.

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities look so good and radiant?

Characters like Robert John Downey Jr., Adam Levine, Carmen Electra, Heidi Klum, Matthew McConaughey and Ricky Martin, confess to practice daily routines of hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga as it allows them to strengthen the body, calm the mind and stimulate the senses in order to happily play their roles on the big screen and balance their lives. The practice of yoga optimizes the functions of the body, mind and spirit which provides health, balance and well-being, for this and many more holistic benefits the great celebrities are inclined towards this integral discipline.

Yoga is considered an anti-stress and rejuvenating therapy tool, since the breathing exercises taught during the practice of asanas contribute to the channeling of emotions and sensations. This allows the control of the mind to be developed more efficiently. Madonna the queen of pop, affirms that yoga is her antidote to stress. Performing inverted postures before taking the stage for her is fundamental, since being on her head allows her to experience full concentration. 

Jon Bon Jovi American singer practices yoga to maintain his physical condition and mental serenity. Jennifer Aniston, a beautiful actress, ensures that yoga maintains its holistic and freshness. Every day, there are more celebrities who join this practice and even its image contributes positively in the promotions and sales of brands of leggings, gym leggings, yoga pants, yoga leggings and other workout clothes.

Yoga is also used as a post-natal and pre-natal exercise thanks to breathing techniques and the constant practice of asanas that flex joints, tendons and muscles of the body. The distinguished actresses, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow, testify that yoga turned out to be their main ally to their childbirth and recovery of their slender figures. As well, the famous Top Model Christy Turlington shares with her followers how positive the practice of yoga is in her life and those around her.

These celebrities are visible examples of the multiple benefits of yoga for physical and mental health. However, it is the attitude and commitment of each person that determines the evolution and transformation of their lives and their environment, and the desire to move forward and thrive in thoughts, words and actions. The therapeutic benefits of yoga are almost immediate as well as the call to introspection through meditation.

Yoga is ready for everyone. That is why there are different types of practice and different teachers. It is important to take the time and dedicate yourself to practice this integral discipline, with the appropriate tools such as yoga pants, yoga legging, yoga capri, and yoga mats.

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